Sonic Meditation Alchemy 

These Sound Meditation Workshops focus on three major practices : breathwork, sound meditation and chanting.


Sacred songs come from various therapeutic traditions around the world: mantras, kototama, overtone chants, Essene sounds, Tibetan healing sounds, etc. These workshops are a way to free yourself from fear, anxiety, depression and nervous tensions. In those easy, quiet and powerful practices, we find a deep state of calm and peacefulness inside. We connect to our inner being to heal and transform ourselves.


  • Inner child trauma release. 

  • Manifestation of your dreams though resonant intention affirmation. 

  • Quantic Heart meditation

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Jeff Sénard

I had a very painful sciatica as a result of a bad movement that even prevented me from fulfilling my function as a music conductor. After two sessions with your tuning forks I was cured from this pain. The rheumatologist who was following me and had considered a surgical procedure remained astonished at the announcement of the care you gave me. THANK YOU a thousand times!