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Music Therapy Retreat


Learn how to handle stress, boost your energy and meditate with sounds and Yoga.

Personal development retreat through in-depth practices: breathing exercises, meditation, Yoga, sound harmonization and therapeutic singing : mantras, kototama, sacred sounds.

 These music therapy workshops are designed  to help you learn how to manage your emotions and nervous system. It’s about learning to raise your energy, to be more productive and focused, to connect deep inside to find peace of mind and inner silence. It’s also about learning to listen to others, learning  to communicate with ease, clarity and confidence and to raise your energy level in any circumstances. These exercises also helps to recover from physical, emotional and spiritual challenges and to unfold your True Self.

 Retraite à Ibiza

Au coeur de la vibration - La vibration du coeur
1 semaine d'immersion vibratoire à Ibiza
Du 30 octobre au 5 novembre 2023



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Une nouvelle réalité s'ouvre à vous !


Manifester la vérité de votre coeur, libérer les schémas, les programmes, les contrats, les limites qui empêchent le mouvement naturel d'incarnation grâce aux bienfaits d'une semaine d'immersion vibratoire  avec deux spécialistes de la thérapie par le son... 


Vivez une expérience unique de connexion, de guérison, au coeur du son, au coeur de la vibration, au coeur de votre coeur...

en présence direct de CHERIII et de François-Marie Dru

Réservation via le site de Cheriii:

Next Sessions

Liz Le Gal

François-Marie is the "tuning forks magician": in a single session, after applying different sounds along my spine, he took away a chronic pain that hasn’t come back since. Thanks to him and this revolutionary Tama-Do technique!

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