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Sound Harmonisation

A sound harmonization is a musical representation that merge artistic expression with spiritual and energetic practices. During these Sound Healing Concerts, also called Sound Baths, the listener lies down and is guided through an musical inner journey that can help him connect with his higher inner self.


During these concerts, the sound wave regulate the vital energy of the body. The human body is a resonator. If there is continuity of sound in the body, then there is continuity of energy. This means that it circulates freely. This fluidity is a sign of balance and good health. The sound highlights the tension to better regulate it and dissolve it gradually, by the effect of waves sweeping the frequencies that run through the body. Some frequencies even go so far as to become painful when they encounter an area of physical tension.


These concerts or sound baths allow a deep relaxation. The music played induces a form of therapeutic sound hypnosis. The sounds will gradually calm the frequency of the brain waves from the Beta brainwaves (stress) to the Alpha brainwave range (relaxation), even Theta and Delta (bliss and transcendental state). These last three ranges of brain waves are recognized by neurophysicists to be beneficial to our cells.


Different tones are during these harmonizations which are similar to Yoga Nidra. Indian ragas are extremely rich, there are multiple ranges that trigger emotions such as nostalgia, melancholy or joy. The ragas are based on arithmetic divisions of the musical scale. These are the mathematics of the sky expressed in music. They generate universal emotional archetypes in us. For the musician, whose being vibrates in the depths with the sacred rhythms of the universe, the sequence of notes cannot be reduced to a succession of intervals of random sounds. On the contrary, each note constitutes a unique vibration coming from the depths of its inner being to express the beauty of the outside world. The interval between the notes characterizes the scales, and evokes sensations, moods in resonance with the time of day and the seasons.


Various intuitive instruments are used during these sound baths: gongs, tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, quartz bowls, chimes, monochord (monochord), xylophones, kalimbas, harp, percussions, harmonium, didgeridoo, hang drum, wooden flutes and other instruments of the world. It is not so much the invoice of the instrument that matters, but its ability to evoke. The elements that make up the instruments are of great importance. Chinese medicine emphasizes the extent to which these elements are present in our body. Whether you play a metal, wooden, skin, wind or string instrument, the resonance it creates will be special and unique in each of us. The instrument will more or less vibrate silica or water in our body, it will more or less resonate with certain organs or chakras.

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Ilan A.

Francois-Marie is an excellent music therapist who has real skills in fields as varied as sound meditation, tuning fork therapy or various breathing techniques. Having adopted these simple and effective techniques, I have seen a significant improvement in my energy level, well-being and quality of life.

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