The human body vibrates

because all of its cells vibrate.

The body is like a real orchestra with several rhythms, several frequencies. The heart rhythm, the nervous system’s rhythm, the vibration of the cells, of the brain waves, and so on. Each organ has its frequency which depends on the health of the cells that compose it. Our organs, our bones, our tissues, all possess their particular vibration, their resonant frequency. Together, these frequencies create an energetic compound, it's our personal resonance, our vibratory rate.


"It’s the harmony of the cells vibrations which ensures the vital functions of the body. Diseases occur when there is an imbalance of these vibrations. When the filament of the nucleus of the cell is destroyed, it is no longer possible for the cell to oscillate, and that's its death."

 Georges Lakhovsky, 1930.


Lakhowsky's work shows that life is the result of cells oscillation and is born of their radiation. A disease is a vibratory imbalance, and would not only have its origin in a chemical imbalance restored with the help of chemicals, but would also be due to a weakening of the vibratory intensity of the person. By stimulating the vibration of cells, we would stimulate life and health. 


Sound can arrange the structure of molecules, harmonize their arrangement, as seen in the science of cymatics  and the work Dr Emoto that demonstrates that the sound really helps us harmonize or heal certain symptoms.

In 1981, Fabien Maman, one of the world's leading experts on vibrational sound healing,  teamed up with the CNRS (national center of scientific research in Paris)  to show the impacts of sounds on living cells and their energy fields. He also found that through a series of acoustic sounds, cancer cells would explode and healthy cells would become energized and empowered.

At a physical level, our emotions are electromagnetic messages that go through our cells and our DNA.

This is why music therapy also helps to release emotional pains at a cellular level. The sinusoidal wave of the sound helps the energy to move everywhere in the body, to release tensions, to calm inflammations and to break certain energetic blockages.


François-Marie Dru

By healing my body, my emotions, and setting me free from addictions, I was able to open my heart and consciousness. Through an intense vibratory work and guidance from Fabien Maman and Nicole Bartolucci’s, I actively advanced on a path of healing and initiations.

By working on my grounding, I was able to free my artistic expression, and develop my psychic faculties.


Having pass through this alchemic process, i’s now dear to my heart to bring the healing sound wave to your home, business, school, hospitals, and wherever it's needed.



  • Music Therapy at the Rafael Institute, House of the After Cancer, a unique initiative in Europe

  • Interventions with Xavier Emmanuelli's Transmetteurs association -Samu Social

  • Workshops "Power of Sound" with the choir of the Opéra de Montpellier

  • Music therapy and sound meditations at the Yoga Le Tigre center in Paris

  • Joined studies with the Montreal ’s BRAMS Institute about the effects of sound on the brain

  • Music therapy workshops and children's meditations at Mom'Arles

  • Music for the Brain Consultant at Paris Montessori Bilingual School

  • Co-founder of the Festival Enchanté  with Lisa Leicht

  • "Sound Meditation" courses at Les Suds Festival in Arles

  • Music Therapy and Energy Clinics in Hong Kong and Thailand (4 Seasons, Kamalaya, Balance Health, Lucid Circle)

  • Composer of La Maison Rose organization helping women and children victims of violence




Music Therapist, Sound Therapist, Musician, Composer.

  • Graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston in 2002. Degree in Professional Music

  • Certified by Tama-Do Academy in 2014 in Sound Healing and the use of therapeutic tuning forks on the meridians of traditional Chinese medicine.