Breath Work & Sound

This workshop focuses on breathwork through yoga, music, sound , dance, trance…

It is a the energetic version of the workshop « Sound Meditation ».

During this workshop,  we go through a large variety of Breathing, Sound Healing and trance practices : 

  • Pranayama,   

  • Holotropic and transcendental breathwork

  • Buteyko Breathing technique and heart coherence 

  • Alchemic and Kundalini yoga 

  • Osho dynamic meditation

  • Taoist Alchemic Tantra

  • Hypoxia technique

  • Sufi tradition

  • Shamanic Drum Journey (Trance) 

  • Cacao ceremony : alchemic heart opening

  • Sound hypnosis


Those workshops are sometimes coupled with Voice Opening practices for singers or beginners. By opening his voice the disciple opens his path.

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Ilan A.

Francois-Marie is an excellent music therapist who has real skills in fields as varied as sound meditation, tuning fork therapy or various breathing techniques. Having adopted these simple and effective techniques, I have seen a significant improvement in my energy level, well-being and quality of life.